Majestic Hotel Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Bananagrams Rules

Majestic Hotel Harrogate, North Yorkshire
As played for learners at Meet David for coffee at the Majestic hotel Harrogate

Players 2 to 8

To get rid of all your tiles in a crossword of your own making

Set Up

2 to 4 players each takes 21 tiles
5 or 6 players each takes 15 tiles
7 or 8 players each takes 11 tiles
and place face up on the table
Any player shouts "Split" which is the signal for the players to begin creating words on the table

The words created must connect and intersect in a manner similar to a crossword making one matrix
When a player uses up all of his or her letters, he or she states, "Peel!" Then all the players must draw or be given another letter.
Players can rearrange their letters as often as they like, even letters they have already placed. (If you draw a "Q" and you need a "U" that is in the middle of another word, it can be pulled out as long as the resulting recombinations ultimately form words.

If a letter is drawn that seems impossible to place, a player may call out "Dump!" and exchange this letter for three others. No other player should take a tile on a dump

End of play

Play continues until there are less tiles in the bag than there are number of players. Then the first person to use all of their remaining letters says "Bananas!" This person will be the winner of the "hand"
Each word is scrutinized for legality. There is no penalty for challenging a player's word. If an illegal word is found in the played "hand", that player is declared a "rotten banana" and is out of the hand. His tiles are returned to the bunch, and play is resumed as before.

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