Majestic Hotel Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Rummicub Rules

Majestic Hotel Harrogate, North Yorkshire
As played by David with learners and elderly persons

2 to 7

To get rid of all your tiles

Set Up
Each player takes 14 tiles

Each player takes 1 tile, the person with the highest tile starts then play goes clockwise

Any number or colour can be exchanged for the correct tile but the joker must be placed on the table again in a set or run by the end of the turn

First move
To become a player, place on table any run or set of three tiles and continue with the moves listed below if possible

Play (players only)
place at centre laid out in order
any run of the same colour, 3 tiles minimum
any set of the same number but different colours, 3 minimum
a number from a set or run with 4 or more tiles may be taken to use with two in your hand
a tile or tiles may be add to an existing set or run
a player may at any time give back a hard to use number in exchange replace the joker from their hand or the table.

End of play
The winner is the first person to have no tiles left or tiles with the lowest value if all players have tiles left

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